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  • Company X, a manufacturer of critical automotive parts, has decided to close several production facilities in North America as part of its global restructuring efforts.
  • The company was considering the possibility of transferring the business to an external party (M&A), and if the M&A was unsuccessful, the company was considering the steps to sell the assets.
  • The client selected Gordon Brothers Japan (GBJ) as an advisor who could provide one-stop, total support for this cross-border transaction.


  • In the initial stage of the study, GBJ determined the most appropriate method and sale price for the main assets.
  • When the asset disposal project was finally initiated (after M&A had been abandoned), GBJ assisted in the selection of the most suitable local vendor and the establishment of a timeline, and in the negotiation of contract terms.
  • GBJ provided total support for the liquidation of multiple assets, from real estate to machinery and equipment.


  • GBJ supported the client in the cross-border project for multiple types of assets, starting from the initial assessment of the most suitable sale method and pricing, to the final sale of the assets.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged our global partner network to provide remote cross-border project support to ensure project timelines were met and revenue and expenditure plans were achieved.