Support for Japanese market exit by US company

Case Studies

TopSupport for Japanese market exit by US company


  • Company D, a top US dental material manufacturing company, decided in summer 2020 to close their Japanese factory (site: 33,000㎡, building 9,000㎡) by the end of the same year, due to a shift in its global product strategy.
  • The company intended to transfer part of the business to Japanese company A for specific product fields, and dispose of production equipment, work-in-process, raw materials, packaging materials, etc. related to discontinued business lines that were not transferred to company A.
  • Gordon Brothers received a request from Company D to help with disposal of assets related to the discontinued business within a short period of two months from February to March 2021.


Gordon Brothers handled the project management advisory work (PMA) for disposal of assets related to discontinued business, and provided the following hands-on support for work that Company D had little experience, including:
  • Support for selecting disposal companies suitable for a wide variety of assets, support for concluding contracts with each disposal company, support for confirmation of construction plans / change requests, daily work progress management / troubleshooting. GB also supported the related manifest documentation for industrial waste disposal.
  • All of our reports ls for the project were provided in English upon the client’s request.


  • Gordon Brothers cooperated with the factory manager of Company D, who was in charge of the project, to support the selection of a contractor that could meet the changing priorities. By flexibly changing the construction method and reworking the process, the work was completed safely within the deadline (2 months).